About AltoStrata

ALTOSTRATA – The Solution for Strata Self-Management



ALTOSTRATA is a purpose-designed Website. It was created with the clear objective of providing strata schemes with a professional, cost-effective, self-management option and solution.

ALTOSTRATA creates the potential to manage your strata scheme professionally, but at a fraction of the cost of engaging a strata managing agency. Strata scheme committees and property developers alike, can benefit from ALTOSTRATA’s centralised management capability and helpful information links.

The ALTOSTRATA team is experienced in strata and general property management, we understand strata management issues and want to provide you with an alternative to high-cost managing agencies. The money you save on management fees can be invested into your Scheme.



Strata Scheme Committees

Strata scheme committees can use the ALTOSTRATA Website to manage every aspect of their Scheme, regardless of whether the Scheme is:

  • Fully self-managed, or
  • Partially self-managed (outsourced accounting*)

* Strata schemes have a hybrid option available to them, to self-manage and engage a licenced accountant to manage the Scheme’s financials. This can be a much cheaper option than using a strata management business.

Even if your Scheme is managed by a strata management company, you can store all of your information on the ALTOSTRATA site, and it’s available to authorised persons 24/7 globally. It is your Scheme’s private Website.

Property Developers

Property developers can use ALTOSTRATA to create new Owner’s Corporation structures in residential, commercial, professional or retail developments. This is a low-cost option which meets the requirements of providing a transitional structure where new strata schemes are created.

The ongoing Owner’s Corporation then has the option of retaining ALTOSTRATA, or, engaging a strata managing agency. The ongoing Committee may choose to retain ALTOSTRATA as the Scheme’s official Website.  

Strata Management Agencies

ALTOSTRATA is a comprehensive property management site which allows the creation, maintenance and permanent storage of information relating to strata schemes. It permits authorised service providers access to update specific maintenance records for assets such as lifts and swimming pools (including water quality reports).

ALTOSTRATA is an excellent communication and management tool, professional strata managers can use it as the Scheme’s official Website. They can broadcast messages to Committee members, owners, tenants, property managers and service providers alike.



The ALTOSTRATA site is comprehensive, but divided into the three simple areas:

  • Finances
  • Communication
  • Maintenance

These three main areas have a number of sub-areas, which contain as much, or little, functionality as you need, or choose to use in managing your Scheme.

ALTOSTRATA doesn’t provide advice on how to run your Scheme. However, we can provide your Scheme with a professional Website with the following important features:

Access Control Levels for:

  • Committee members
  • Owners
  • Tenants
  • Strata agencies
  • Accountants and other professionals
  • Managing agents
  • Service and maintenance providers
  • Prospective property purchasers

Site Features:

  • Exclusive site use with controlled access
  • Ease-of-use
  • Global 24/7 access
  • Site language selection
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Information security
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Online voting
  • Finance management (inc. budget, strata fee management, accounts payable)
  • Maintenance management (inc. pool & lift)
  • Contractor list (inc. contractor rating & blacklist)
  • Project tracking
  • Communication management (inc. emails, meeting notifications, agendas and minutes)
  • Information hub – a single place to conduct strata business
  • Permanent information storage (quotes, invoices, receipts, insurance policies, warranty inf.)
  • Scheme notice board
  • Pointers to legitimate sources of useful strata information
  • Compliance enabling
  • Site/lighting plan storage
  • Key register
  • Capital item register and maintenance records (e.g. lawn mowers, pool filters)


Please Note: Unless required by law, ALTOSTRATA will not share your individual or scheme’s information with another party. ALTOSTRATA will not sell your private or Scheme information.

ALTOSTRATA is an empowerment tool which allows your Scheme to invest your strata levies into your assets, rather than external management. ALTOSTRATA is the professional pathway to strata self-management.